Mont Blanc Explorer Eau de Parfum

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Product Description
  • Montblanc shares the same values as explorers, such as the relentless quest for excellence from climbing summit, challenging conventions and exploring the four corners of the globe from South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or Indonesia; Montblanc explorer invites explorers on a fantastic journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.
  • The bottle echoes the earthy two hemispheres, recalling the multiple destinations explore during this olfactory expeditions.
  • At the bottom lies montblanc’s emblem, the iconic star representing the six glaciers of the highest mountain in Europe.
  • This unconventional woody-aromatic-leather Eau de Parfum reveals an Italian bergamot with green fresh notes, contrasted by a rich vetiver from Haiti and and exclusive patchouli from sulawesi.
  • Get ready to discover new horizons.


Suggested Use
  • Hold the fragrance 5 inches away and spray your skin, focusing on pulse points (neck and wrists).


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